More Than A Smile. By Philani Sangweni

More than a smile

These are the stars that fell from the skies, carried the light like the sun rays. Oh yes, they fall like the rain till they kiss the ground, for something succinct is strict to find, and that one might wonder that maybe heaven is crying, whilst in fact, heaven is smiling.
Smiling because only a bright smile can bring light to the day. For only a drop fills a jar, and before it’s full, there was a lake, and then the rest unfolds with a smile that’s long like an oceans’ drive. For only pain can change smiles into tears that
pores down like a rainfall streaming on the vicinities of the Alps, making the Alps tumble like the trembling lava, growing the crops on it’s way that, will bring smiles to the millions of families, and that’s joy the stomach. It’s joy you cannot measure for the scales would require grounds to stand. This is joy to the heart, joy to the mind, that goes a long mile that eventually broadens new sights. Everyone would love to feel that their bargain is off their shoulders, but now the only secret to that is a smile…so please smile because Mother Nature has smiled at you.



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