A heartbeat, beat…harder…a heartbeat beating harder than a gong making vibrations in my heart that push blood even harder than a flood…I hear waves, voices…whispering down in my heart saying “love is real, is true, is priceless, is treasury, I should keep it.” Keep it.

Keep away from those relationship vultures who hunt lovers scavenging in their dead to-be relationships, leaving nothing but a shell that shows there was once love, once peace, once hearts, the hearts that use to beat together making harmony, the melody that make music which was sweeter than sweets and tenderly in the ear that even the gods use to dance to it.
We use to posses love, used to. We use to spend the whole night together, just talking, cuddling, laughing, dreaming, wishing…wishing that the night never leaves us, the day never hits us, that time should bear with us cause we making love and we never wish to stop nor part each other…

Here is the scene I never wish to see…is us living in a world where we don’t want to see each other, let alone hear each other, touch each other…we don’t even want to hear each other’s names as it makes us sick more than an Ebola virus would.
Now we hate, we fight, we even want to stop each other’s heart from beating as they remind us of that music they use to make together. But me, let me tell you a short story “I would want to gain that again, cause I’ve never wanted to lose that. I loved you for real, but now I don’t know whether I love you or it’s fear.


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